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Welcome to DailyPromiseCards.com

A free service provided by Word of God Ministries, www.WordOfGod.in!

Dear users, we from Word of God Ministries welcome you to the new site for promise cards. We have published the promise cards section arround 3 years back 2010 in our master site www.WordOfGod.in. Since then it became very popular and we have more number of users using our designs completely FREE OF COST at various places and occasions. We are very happy to know that they are getting used as promises in many of the christian churches and organizations. Especially Ministers/Pastors from villages has been using it a lot. We could see that these promise cards were getting shared in popular social medias like facebook. Thanks to all of you for your love and support in the ministry.

We are around 120 people across the world working as a team by name “Word of God Team”. And all these promise cards were designed by our Word of God Team members.

As there were changes in the internet era and smartphones, We had to change our technologies and trends as well. With the will of God, We have started a new branch ministry called “Daily Promise Cards” in our Word of God Ministries. Its nothing but, we will be designing a promise card for the day with the verse given by God and will be delivering it to the people in various ways like Posting in this website, Sharing with Social Medias, Sending it to WhatsAPP users, Sending it via our famous newsletter “Promise of the Day”, etc.

The vision of this new branch ministry, “Daily Promise Cards“, is to take the word of god to “Reach the UnReached Through The Technologies“.

It is not because of me and not because of our Word of God Team members, It is because of God’s love and grace which is using us to build his Kingdom. Praise God!

Thank you all for supporting us in your prayers. Kindly remember our other ministries as well in your prayers. May God Bless You and Prepare You for his coming. Maranatha, Allelujah!

Yours Lovingly in Christ,

- Dr. Yesudas Solomon   MCA, MTh, PhD

Founder and President of Word of God Ministries and its branches like Word of God Team, Daily Promise Cards, etc